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Weatherstate Release Video For New Single 'Headstone'

Weymouth Punk band Weatherstate have shared a brand new music video for their latest single 'Headstone.' It's a contemplative Punk track, and marks the latest from Weatherstate’s forthcoming album 'Never Better', set to be released 11 February 11, 2022 via Rude Records.

“Probably the second softest song on the record, and not being as morbid as the name might suggest, ‘Headstone’ is about trying to make something out of ourselves in the time we have here,”

the band share.

“It’s okay to go through periods of life unhappy and that’s what makes the good bits all the better. ‘Catch me I don’t want to come down’ specifically relates to friends being around when you need a safety net, and how important it is to have the support network that can get you through those monotonous times. We’re only around here for so long, and that’s the way it is, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much, and it’s completely okay to sometimes just roll with the punches.”


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