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Spotlight: Record Store Day 2024

So, what is Record Store Day, it’s simple, its one day a year when 260 of the UK’s independent record stores come together to share the unique place they hold in the music industry. These stores are very valuable to bands, independent labels and, most importantly, the public.

Most independent stores are a bit different, sometimes a bit quirky but what tends to unite them is the owners love of music and desire to promote bands and genres they love. Many of us have a regular shop we like to browse in, find that artist we’ve never heard of and discover something new!

Every Record Store Day special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the event and there are quite often a number of live performances.

This year sees a number of artists being involved, everyone from Blur to Oliva Rodrigo to Parmore and so many other artists are involved in releases to celebrate the day.

One for me was the now defunct Groucho’s in Dundee, during my time at Uni it was a haven to find something new, something interesting and occasionally something I’d buy and totally regret doing so but that’s the risk you take!

All independent record stores are different but without them we wouldn’t have such a vibrant music industry. The number of independent stores has fallen over the years which, personally, I don’t think is anyone’s interest.

We need to get out there, support these shops that support our up and coming artists and make sure they can continue to do so. If we don’t then we could slowly but surely see the demise of the innovation and diversity that’s been at the forefront of British music for so long.

If you get a chance then please go to your local independent store, have a chat, talk music, then please buy something. Like many things there’s no point lamenting it when it’s gone if you did nothing to try and stop it.

Find out more here.

Words - Iain McClay


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