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Daytime TV - 'Island' EP Review


1. So Sick

2. Lost in Tokyo

3. Fear

4. Waves

5. Block Out The Noise

Daytime TV are releasing their new EP this week, 'Island', it consists of five tracks, 'So Sick', 'Lost in Tokyo', 'Fear'. 'Waves' and 'Block Out The Noise'.

I was lucky enough to meet and interview the band at Kendal Calling last year and share a beer with them so I learned that apparently one of them is from Scotland, and see them play on the main stage so I know first hand how passionate they are about their music and how determined they will have been to release a great EP.

So did they succeed?

I have now listened to this EP multiple times and while it does sound a bit like the bands previous work it’s a huge leap forwards. I honestly can’t think of who it reminds me of as it's unique, challenging, intriguing and highly enjoyable.

It’s like, as a band, they’ve decided to go for broke, throw everything into the mix and see what comes out. The result is an indie/pop/rock/almost dance EP which is a sign of a band totally on it.

It’s hard to describe what exactly is going on here as there is so much happening. Every listen has opened up something new for me, something I didn’t pick up on before. At times it’s like they’ve decided to adopt Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, at others like they think they’re the Killers and others Bowie.

Personal favourite? Well that depends on when you ask as it keeps changing with each listen. I think at the moment 'Waves' is on top for me but each listen as I’ve said above changes my view and makes me think hang on, this bit is brilliant, how did I miss that before.

I know the band are out doing tours of record shops to support the release, in Scotland as I type this, but what you really need to do is go see them live. They are a great live act who are going to go from strength to strength. If I can I will be trying to get to a gig of theirs soon. Go now, as the trajectory they should be on means it soon won’t be possible to see them in small venues.

In case you hadn’t picked up on it already you really need to download this EP, buy it on vinyl, whatever your preferred format is. It’s going to be on repeat for a while!

When’s the next album? I want more!

Review - Iain McClay


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