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Peter Hook & The Light - Interzone: O2 Academy, Newcastle 13.04.2024

With the crowd suitably warmed up from a great day of music from Tom Hingley, Theatre of Hate, The Farm & The Wedding Present, headliners Peter Hook & The Light came out to a fantastic reception at this Interzone mini festival at Newcastle City Hall.

Celebrating not just the legacy of Joy Division and New Order but also of that moment in time and the music that shaped so many peoples lives this Interzone event was a joy to attend.

Kicking off with 'No Love Lost' into 'Exercise One' there’s no doubt that these songs have stood the test of time and are still as exciting and relevant all these years later. With both Peter and Jack Bates on bass there’s added depth too resonating through your body.

Hooky has a good history with Newcastle and tells us of early days being well received here before delving deep in the archive and giving us 'Reaction' from the Warsaw days stirring up many a memory. Don’t get me wrong though the crowd aren’t all older folk reliving their youth there’s a huge range of ages here once again reaffirming these songs will be here and enjoyed for some time to come.

Ok confession time - I didn’t really get Joy Division at the time, I was a snotty rock kid and didn’t really give them the chance they obviously deserved but when I heard some of my favourite bands then covering songs like 'Isolation ( Therapy?)' I did a u-turn and was extremely late to the party.

Tracks like 'New Dawn Fades' and 'She’s Lost Control' have a hypnotic quality to them that draws you in to those beats and bass lines. Despite all sounding well out front it’s obvious something’s not right onstage with equipment or sound as a tech is on stage so often he’s pretty much an extra member of the band. BUT this doesn’t deter Peter at all and they crack on delivering a blistering 18 song set with Hooky once again proving to be one of the coolest most charismatic bass slingers ever!

'Atmosphere' holds a special place in my heart as it was played at a close friends funeral and even though I’d readied myself for it it still punched me in the gut and had me choking back the tears, it’s such a powerful song even more so in the live arena.

A quick visit to the New Order catalogue for 'Ceremony' has the place bouncing again then closing out with a rousing 'Transmission' and a massive sing along 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' again proving great tunes will last as I can see this one still being in peoples top songs lists forever.

And with that it’s all over! An absolutely brilliant idea of an indoor mini festival starting early enough so each band gets a decent length set. Here’s hoping it can continue as I believe there’s still a want and need for it.

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