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All Ears Avow Release Video For New Single 'Bird On A Wire'

All Ears Avow have released an impactful new track produced by the band’s own vocalist and guitarist Claire Sutton with a video also self-produced by the band.

Sutton says,

“'Bird On A Wire' is a song that practically wrote itself in the space of a short afternoon. I found myself in a headspace of just feeling rather sick of what the human race - our species that’s meant to be so intelligent - was capable of. Maybe I’d gotten particularly caught up watching the news that morning. It was everything from the absolute atrocities going on across the world, the wars, mass murder, school shootings, climate change, animal cruelty, human cruelty - and how so often we just look the other way and keep going about our business as if we don’t even notice our world is on fire around us. This song doesn’t come from a place of self virtue, more of shock at the entire situation, guilt and powerlessness. I love the metaphor of a ‘bird on a wire’ to encompass what this song is about, because most of us are all so safe on our perch, but if we were to take one step in the wrong direction it could have catastrophic consequences. It means, however good we’ve got it, we should be minding our actions. We are all complicit and actions have consequences.”


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