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Welly – 'Soak Up The Culture' Single Review

Welly are a quintessentially British band, they really couldn’t come from anywhere else in the world, following in the steps of the Kinks, Blur and Pulp they write little vignettes about what it’s like to be British. This is particular song is aimed at Brit’s abroad. It introduces a cast of characters we’ve all encountered on our holidays which, depending on your view of life, you can either totally relate to or you spend your holiday trying to avoid.

The music is a mix of pop, punk and new wave with a strong dose of Brit Pop as well. Welly himself sings like only a Brit truly can, a mix of attitude and melody that is part of a long tradition in the UK.

It’s a brilliant song, very much ready for a mosh pit to form in front of it but there’s a feeling there may be something more going on here.

The band are playing a number of festivals over the summer. If the rest of their music is this good and entertaining then they are definitely worth checking out, you could go soak up their culture.

Review - Iain McClay


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