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Millie Manders And The Shutup - 'Angry Side/Can I Get Off' Double A-Side Single Review

Millie Manders and the Shutup have been building a strong and growing reputation for some time now. Having seen them live a few times, bought their last album and interviewed Millie a couple of years ago I was really intrigued to hear their new music.

This double A-side is very much a single of two halves. 'Angry Side' is a very personal song, directed by Millie at her younger self. By Millies own admission she was very angry when she was younger, and the song is her telling her younger self that it’s okay to be angry and to let it show. I think it’s one of the stronger songs I’ve heard from the band. It’s confessional, it's personal and yet it doesn’t hold back on full on attack. It is a mini masterpiece in it’s own right and well worth listening to. The music continues to be a mix of punk, ska, soul, rock and pop. The horns still blare; the aggression is still there but there is a gentler side to this song as well which is why it’s so good. It really does deserve to be a hit.

The other side is Millie letting go about what she sees as the problems of the world, interestingly she doesn’t just go for the obvious places but also finds time to mention Chad and China. Its refrain about wanting to get off this world has probably been a feeling many of us have had during these last few highly unsettling years. I suspect; however, this single will be more divisive. If you agree with Millie’s politics, you will embrace it whole heartedly. If you don’t it may not be for you. Millie herself has been very clear recently she doesn’t care if it costs her fans or booking, she’s going to be clear with the world what she thinks and take the consequences. It’s a brave call and during this single she explicitly calls out other bands and asks them to do the same. Some will heed that call; some will ignore it, and some won’t agree with everything she thinks and will dismiss it. The music and singing are as good as ever but as I said above, I suspect this song won’t be for everyone who loved the first album.

All in all, Millie Manders and the Shutup march on, they are one of the most exciting and energetic live acts out there. They are currently on tour, go see them and support some of the venues near you that really need your support!

Review - Iain McClay


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