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Between You & Me - 'Sh!t Yeah' EP Review


1. Kill My Vibe feat. Knuckle Puck

2. In The Middle

3. Nevermind

4. Early Morning

5. Yeah!

6. Virus/Sad Songs

Australian pop punk outfit are back with the follow up to their 2021 sophomore album, the 'Sh!t Yeah' EP, released independently on April 5th. 

Up fist we have 'Kill My Vibe', which features Joe Taylor of Knuckle Puck. This song is typical 2010s pop punk with BYAM's signature flare, with such a summery vibe to it that makes you feel like you should be sat out in the sun with your friends. The vocals of Jake Wilson and Taylor play so well, I am over the moon to see these two collaborate. The instrumentation from guitarists Chris Bowerman and Jai Gibson, bassist James 'Bassy' Karagiozis and drummer Jamey Bowerman are insanely tight, with some incredible production to back it up from the independent band. 

Next up is 'In The Middle'. Like 'Kill My Vibe', it has a summery feel to it, but is distinctly different, something some pop punk bands struggle to accomplish. The chorus is infectiously catchy, a staple of BYAM's songwriting, you'll find yourself singing along almost instantly. Wilson's vocals, in my opinion, are some of the best in the crop of pop punk bands that have come about in the past 10 years. The effects on the guitars give it a distinct tone in the riffs, with brilliant dynamics that fit the song perfectly; dropping back in the verses and the full band crashing back in full force for the chorus.

Following comes lead single 'Nevermind', yet another phenomenally catchy effort. It's slightly slower paced than the previous two tracks, but there is no energy lost whatsoever. I am always in awe of Wilson's lyricism, taking typical pop punk subject matters and making them seem fresh and new is no mean feat. The guitars are punchy in the chorus, but blend well with hints of acoustic guitars in the verses/bridge, it is another infectious track that will get you moving.

After this is 'Early Morning', which vaguely reminds me of fellow Aussie Pop punks With Confidence. Yet again, BYAM have produced an insanely catchy track. The chorus is particularly memorable, with each member of the band brilliantly in sync. The inclusion of cowbell is always a plus, and we're even treated to a little guitar solo, which was a very pleasant surprise for me. The final chorus switches into a half time break, which is one of my favourite musical moves. Simply put, this track is phenomenal. 

The penultimate track comes in the form of 'Yeah!', a pop-centric effort with a slightly more laid back feel to it. The instruments are more subdued than usual, even compared to BYAM's slower songs, showing off the range of the band, however it is still just as infectious as the other efforts on this EP, if not more so. On their February UK run, they played this before releasing it, and the crowd was singing along before the first chorus was even finished. 

Last we have 'Virus/Sad Songs'. This is another slower effort, but once again manages to maintain a fervent energy to it. Each band member brings something unique to the group, and it mixes together to provide a brilliant sonic experience. Once again, Wilson has crafted lyrics that crowds are certain to belt out in a live setting. Despite the slower pace, it is a pop punk anthem, and I absolutely love it. 

Simply put, 'Sh!t Yeah' is phenomenal. Between You And Me are so consistent in every release, expanding in their musicianship and growing as people. 'Armageddon' was one of my favourite albums of 2021, and I think this EP has dethroned it as my personal favourite BYAM release, and has made me even hungrier to see what they'll do on their third album. 

Review - Gordon Rae


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