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Tojo The Dwarf - 'For The Love Of The Void' Single Review

If you believe in Roxette’s maxim that bands shouldn’t bore us and should instead get to the chorus, then Tojo The Dwarf’s latest single might be worth a swerve. For those who see the journey as being more important than the destination, then you could do a lot worse than immersing yourself in four minutes and two seconds of sonic loveliness.

There are no anthemic sing along choruses here, no adrenaline charged surges, instead we drift rudderless on a sea so calm and reflective, it looks like we’re sailing in the sky. It would be remiss of me to not mention the fact that the chiming guitar in the intro accompaniment is more than slightly reminiscent of Weezer’s ‘Undone- The Sweater Song’, but surely that’s no bad thing? Wait up. Two references to 90s nostalgia? What’s up with that, Mr Writer Man? Well, it’s not just because I’m old (although I am), it’s because ‘For The Love Of The Void’ feels timeless. It feels fresh, yet comfortable, like something half remembered, but just different enough to intrigue and beguile.

Review - Jm Stokes


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