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Mumbles Releases Video For New Single 'Everything Just Sprawls'

Manchester experimental power trio Mumbles are pleased to reveal the video for ‘Everything Just Sprawls’, which is out now.

The track is the lead single from their hugely exciting debut album, 'In The Pocket Of Big Sad', which will be released on 29th March 2024 via Divine Schism.

Following on from previously-released album tracks ‘JD Sports’, ‘How Do Happy’ and ‘Violence and Stupidity’, the video for ‘Everything Just Sprawls’ from director Hannah Watt follows a commitment to physical repetition (and the band’s collective love of cycling), creating an ecstatic celebration of two-wheeled living.

Commenting on the track, frontperson Jacob Nicholas (they/them) said:

“This is a song about how I really love cardio, and how I try to use it to escape my brain and the world—I love to dissociate! For better or for worse though, even in the midst of heavy exercise, life gets in the way. So really it’s a song about accepting how traumas, struggles and my front teeth that got broken when a car knocked me off my bike have all shaped the person I am now. Exercise is really great for the head though, 10/10 would recommend if your brain doesn’t work properly.”
“Also, It’s an absolute thrill to have two of my best friends, Liam and Clare from Tape Runs Out play on it too. Their vocals, violins and guitars really recontextualise the song, dragging it out of its monomaniacal commitment to the riff. Their friendship during the period this song is about and was written really got me out of my own head and into the real world too, so it means a lot to have them play on the recording.”


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