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Frank Turner Announces New Album + Releases New Single 'Do One'

Frank Turner is set to release his tenth album ‘Undefeated’ on 3rd May, which he launches with the new single “Do One”.


‘Do One’

‘Never Mind The Back Problems’


‘Girl From The Record Shop’

‘Pandemic PTSD’


‘East Finchley’

‘No Thank You For The Music’

‘The Leaders’

‘International Hide and Seek Champions’

‘Show People’

‘On My Way’

‘Somewhere Inbetween’


‘Undefeated’ follows his first UK #1 album, 2022’s ‘FTHC’, and is the result of his decision to step away from the major label world to re-embrace the liberation of working as an independent artist, Frank says,

“my first back home with a global independent label setup (still with Xtra Mile of course).”

The new single “Do One” sees them firing on all cylinders, a supremely catchy message of defiance (“I’m still standing up and there’s nothing you can do!”) which straddles the spectrum between power-pop and pop-punk.


Frank adds:

“‘Do One’ is the last song I wrote for the new album, and the first song on that album, as well as the first single. So it’s a summation of what I’m trying to say with this record, a record about survival and defiance, but also one with a sense of fun and self-deprecation. 19 years into my solo career, I’m still standing up and putting out some of my best work. It feels good.”


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