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THE PLOT IN YOU - 'Vol. 2' EP Review


1. Closure 

2. Don't Look Away

3. All That I Can Give

Ohio metalcore quartet The Plot In You are back with their new 3-track EP, Vol. 2, released on May 3rd, which follows in the tracks of January's 'Vol. 1'. 

First of all we have "Closure" a slightly softer effort from the band. This track still shows signs of their heavy side, however it is a bit more muted to give frontman Landon Tewer's vocals their chance to shine, and shine they do with his voice absolutely soaring on the hard-hitting choruses. The rest of the band; guitarist Josh Childress, bassist Ethan Yoder and drummer Michael Cooper and incredibly tight, it feels like Cooper has been a part of the band far longer than when he joined in 2021. 

Next up we have "Don't Look Away". An instant powerhouse of a track that punches you in the face immediately with signature screams and pounding riffs. The rhythm section provided by Yoder on bass and Cooper on drums is absolutely phenomenal on this track, and provides a pitch perfect accompaniment for Childress' monstrous riffs. This is a full on, high octane effort that doesn't let up for the entirety of its 3:13 runtime. The lyrics are still emotional, with screaming "The pain from the damage you create" being a standout moment in the lead up to the breakdown. 

Finally comes "All That I Can Give", which feels like a combination of the past two tracks; emotionally vulnerable and quite beautiful lyrics and vocals that lead into heavier choruses. To me, it is very reminiscent of a track from The Amity Affliction with how it blends emotion with heavy music, although contains far fewer references to water, and is enough to bring you to tears. 

Simply put, I feel like The Plot In You are one of the most intriguing metalcore outfits in the industry right now. They are unabashedly unafraid to explore different avenues, arguably far earlier in their career than a lot of bands in heavy music, and this pays off massively. Both 'Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' have presented an evolution in the band, and I'm excited to see what comes next. 

Review - Gordon Rae


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