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Delilah Bon – 'Evil Hate Filled Female' Single Review

I interviewed Delilah Bon a couple of years ago over Teams and she was still a little bit unsure of herself, still finding who she was and who she wanted to be but also totally sure she was going in the right direction and would achieve something in music, I then saw her perform at Kendal Calling which was excellent but I wondered at the time how much better she could get with a bit more belief in herself. I had loved her band at the time, Hands Off Gretel, and was initially a little bit unsure of the new direction but seeing her live convinced me (not that my view would be of the slightest interest to her) that she knew exactly what she was doing and had found the perfect medium and style for what she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it.

However, I did wonder how much the new direction would have longevity, I don’t need to wonder any more, this is a huge step up! There is a level of maturity on show here I didn’t know Delilah would be able to find, a mix of styles and genres that makes it clear she’s a feminist, she’s here and you better get out of her way as she’s taking no prisoners!

The song itself is a challenge to some of the abuse she gets online, something regrettably she’s far to used to given previous times when she’s spoken out about the way women are treated sometimes (far too often) at gigs but it’s very clear she isn’t taking it any longer. I think it could be best summed up if you’re some misogynistic arsehole fuck you, you don’t define me.

The song is brilliant, everyone she works with now just gets her, you can tell they are a tight unit who know exactly what they are trying to do and what they need to say.

There is a new album coming in September, with the same title. If it’s as good as this the question isn’t if Delilah conquers the world, it’s when.

I would love to interview her again as I suspect the woman I spoke to then is not the same woman who wrote this song and who is clearly turning into a spokesperson for her generation!

Delilah Bon, remember the name, this is one person from Yorkshire you are not going to mess with or define, she doesn’t care what I, or anyone else, writes about her, she’s 100% full on herself and that is wonderful thing, she’s not trying to be anyone else, just the best Delilah Bon she can be and that’s good for all of us.

Review - Iain McClay


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