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Dreamshade Release Video For New Single 'Stone Cold Digital'

Dreamshade have dropped "Stone Cold Digital", the third single from their upcoming album "A Pale Blue Dot". The song features Italian singer Rose Villain.

Vocalist & guitarist Fernando “Fella” Di Cicco explains the song meaning and video concept:

“This one is a very special track for us. The music style is very futuristic and different from anything we’ve done in the past. It’s also the first time we collaborate with another artist on a song and we’re super happy it’s Rose Villain, ‘cause we’ve been fans of her work for the last 4 years. She’s just amazing and fits perfectly with the band’s attitude and sound! We wanted to really push all our boundaries with this piece of music. The song is about the obsessive digitalization of mankind: Our smartphones know everything about us, often more than we know about ourselves. They know our secrets, relationships & preferences. That’s why they quickly become our “best friends”, ‘cause they have the answers to all our questions. We go to sleep with our devices and we wake up with them. We all know we have a problem with this but act like we can handle it when in fact we are doomed. Technology is in our hands and it can be the best thing ever. What we make of it is just up to us. The video follows the experience of a man from the 50’s that’s being catapulted to our time and age. He just can’t believe his eyes.”


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