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Devolver Release Video For New Single 'At Any Cost'

Alberta metal band Devolver blends groovy metalcore and melodic death metal, creating a unique sound that appeals to fans of modern metal genres while embracing their old-school influences, and wearing them on their sleeve. Fueled by a passion that can only be understood by seeing their unbridled live performance, they are ready to make waves across the metal scene.

The band have released their third single entitled 'At Any Cost' off the band's upcoming album, 'Non Compos Mentis'. For this record, the band wanted to present the highest quality sound by enlisting newfound friend and collaborator Mark Lewis. Recording of the album was tracked in the band's home studio and at Lewis' Nashville studio where he completed the remaining mixing and mastering.

Devolver states,

"The bulk of 'At Any Cost' has existed for almost 10 years but was buried in a hard drive until recently. When we decided which songs would be selected for this record, we showed our producer Mark Lewis this one and he was adamant that it had to be included. With a little work, it became a clear choice for a single. We've already been playing it live for a while so we've had a chance to see people's reactions, and we're very excited to spread it to the masses. Anybody who saw us last year might recognize it."

Vocalist Chris Brown adds about the lyrical content,

"'At Any Cost' explores greed and the mortal costs of war. It's a reminder that people with power often send those without it to fight for land, wealth, or more power, with little regard for human life. This song asks the question: 'What is your life worth to the ones aiming the cannon?'."


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