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Deaf Havana Release New Single 'Nevermind'

Pop/Rock outfit Deaf Havana have just released an incredibly heartfelt and honest song, in the form of 'Nevermind'. The stripped-back track showcases the more vulnerable side of frontman James Veck-Gilodi’s song-writing prowess.

James explains of the track,

“'Nevermind' is the second song we wrote for 'The Present is a Foreign Land' and it is maybe my favourite on the record. This song is about the back end of 2019/first few months of 2020, which was pretty much the lowest point of my life to date. I tried to channel that emotion into the vocals when I recorded it. We tried to keep it simple on this with mainly keys, guitar and strings to really let the lyrics come through. This one means a hell of a lot to me so I really hope people connect with it!”


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