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Brutus – 'Live In Ghent' Album Review


I worry about live albums; generally they capture a moment in time, mostly of interest to the people attending the gig. That said when there are live albums like “Live & Dangerous” by Thin Lizzy there are moments we all want to be there. So, Live in Ghent? I like Brutus, and honestly? I like this album. It manages to capture the energy of a band on top of their game.

The recording is not the most polished in the world but who wants that from a live experience. The album starts as it means to go on with the Bjork sounding “Fire”, full of life. Brutus know how to deliver by the sounds of it, I feel jealous of those lucky people who attended the gig, maybe it’s lockdown, maybe I’m jealous of anyone attending a gig? Seriously though it sounded like a belter of a concert.

One criticism I have is with the audience, not the band (or maybe it’s just the way it was recorded) but they do seem a tad restrained. I can hear the crowd more as the album moves on so maybe they just need a few songs to get into the set. Brutus seem to manage a certain amount of frenetic energy throughout their set. There is no drop off, no “breather songs”, it’s full tilt go big or go home.

As with all live albums it is going to be fans of the band who will buy it. I will say though it is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. I heartily recommend it.

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Review - Andrew Forcer


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