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BABY STRANGE – 'Land Of Nothing' EP Review


BABY STRANGE are a new band for me, I’m not sure why I haven’t heard them before but I wish I had.

They are a mix of Rock, Punk, aggression, control, melody and a distinctly Scottish Indie vibe that could have come from Frank Ferdinand or Biffy Clyro. If this EP doesn’t propel them to a higher level then a number of people don’t have the good taste they think they do!

There is nothing about this EP I didn’t enjoy, the riffs, the lyrics, the drumming, the singing are all spot on. Every time you think they can’t improve on what’s gone before they do. There is an insistent drive throughout that makes you feel this is a band on a mission but one who have also decided that they want to write songs people will want to dance to as well as listen to.

Punk isn’t dead, despite how often music journalists claim it is, it’s just changed, moved on and every so often it produces something as stand out as this EP.

I’ve found out that BABY STRANGE run their own club nights, if that’s still the case post covid then I think we should all go and get out of our heads on the sheer power of this bands music.

Review - Iain McClay


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