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Air Drawn Dagger – 'Songs To Fight The God’s To' EP Review


1. You Should Have Known Better

2. Title Fight

3. Stigmata

4. GhostsGhostsGhosts (Phantoms)

5. The Collapse of Mount Plethora

Sheffield band Air Drawn Dagger are releasing their new EP on the 13th of October, via Silent Cult Records and whisper it, it’s almost a concept EP, something I honestly thought was dead!

It is, however, nothing like something that might have been released in the 70’s about hobbits chasing wizards or something, it’s urgent, it’s intense, it’s perfectly pitched, it’s incredibly well presented the vocals are perfect and the playing immense.

It is about a fight with gods and contains probably my favourite song title in a while, The Collapse Of Mount Plethora, the mind that dreamt that title up is a mind worth paying attention to!

Air Drawn Dagger have been quietly and efficiently building a following for themselves, they have the music, the talent and the songs and they are emerging as yet another great band form the UK’s former steel town, which is to say something given the number of great bands to appear from the seven hills of South Yorkshire (of course I capitalised it, it’s Yorkshire).

The band themselves are a mix of indie rock and electronica, they are creating something that deserves a much wide audience and if they keep going like this they won’t have any problems finding it!.

This is quite simply a kick ass EP. It has the attitude, the songs, and I never thought I’d say this, the concept really works!

Go buy it now!

Review - Iain McClay


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