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Silverthorne - 'Tear The Sky Wide Open' EP Review


1. Tear The Sky Wide Open

2. Roll Me Back Again

3. Black River Rising

4. Movin

5. Haunted By The Dawn

Every so often you get some music to review that restores your faith, this EP is one of those EP’s.

The first song, 'Tear The Sky Wide Open', hooked me in from the first riff and didn’t let up after that, part of the way through I started thinking of Queens of the Stone Age, it may be a comparison that currently flatters Silverthorne a bit but it honestly felt like there is something here that could get them to that exalted level.

As the EP progressed I found myself sinking into a collection of quality rock music, great riffs, great vocals, what more do you want?

The second song, 'Roll Me Back Again', has shades of Soundgarden for me, if it had morphed into 'Spoonman' I wouldn’t have been too shocked or surprised.

If these names are not the kind to attract you this really isn’t the EP for you, if they are then what are you waiting for? Get buying or streaming now!

When this EP finished I found myself wishing there was more to listen to, the lead singer has a classic Rock voice, the band are tight and know how to produce a slab of Rock with riffs sticking out everywhere that should satisfy any true Rock fan and the overall feeling is quality Rock with an atmospheric feeling to it that just made me want to keep listening, I loved this!

Review - Iain McClay

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