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PINE - 'PINE' Album Review


1. Within You

2. Lusk

3. Discord

4. Memento

5. Sunder

6. In Your Eyes

7. Maladroit

8. Swollen

9. Bluff

10. Covet

11. Lucida

PINE released their eponymous album on 13th September through No Sleep Records. The band comprises Holden Egan, Darlene Deschamps and Andrew Turenne and they are based in Ottowa which my basic GCSE Geography tells me is in Ontario, Canada.

Now before we start, I have to admit to having had a little run of bad luck – there have been a couple of releases recently that I just could not say anything nice about; I shan’t name names because that would be rude…and because they were so utterly awful that I have scored them from my memory. So I was, understandably, a little nervous when this one arrived in my inbox…bad things, so the idiom goes, come in threes don’t they? It seems, however, that bad thing number three must have got trapped in my spam folder, because “PINE” came as a breath of fresh air.

There’s a musically lush, Sundays-esque, feel to it, from opening track “Within You”, current single “Lusk” and especially “In Your Eyes” which has to be my favourite song from the album. There’s something for everyone on here; from the lushness of the aforementioned, to songs like “Swollen” and “Sunder” which have a more Rock Indie feel while “Covet” is a beautifully simple, mostly guitar and vocal, track which perfectly showcases Darlene’s voice, as does album closer “Lucida”, which finishes with some glorious feedback and sweeping keyboards.

The whole thing is beautifully produced and feels way more accomplished than you would expect a debut album to be. On this showing, there are great things to come from PINE.

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Review - Chris Watson

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