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Free Throw Release Video For New Single 'Perfect Driftwood'

Free Throw have shared a new video for one of 'What's Past Is Prologue's standout moments, 'Perfect Driftwood.' Encapsulating everything that Free Throw stands for as a band, both currently and throughout their history, 'Perfect Driftwood' is a song about not measuring up, and how there is always something, somehow, preventing you from reaching your goals. Its accompanying video helps bring to life some aspects of the human thought process from young to old, and how we go from being so imaginative to getting caught up in “adult life,” and later, reminiscing back on that imagination. But much like the band themselves, the song definitely has layers to it, and so does the video. “To me, it can be taken and applied to a lot of situations and can be appreciated in different ways,” vocalist/guitarist Cory Castro explains. “I think the video captures those layers and adds its own dimension to it.”

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