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Sunsleeper - 'You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back' Album Review


1. Feel The Same

2. Soften Up

3. I Hope You're Okay

4. Souvenir

5. No Cure

6. Fading

7. Casual Mistakes

8. You Can't Please Everyone

9. Better Now

10. Home

U.S. Emo Rockers Sunsleeper release their album, 'You Can Miss Something & Not Want Tt back'. The record is a thoughtful and expressive collection of songs that are easy on the ear that whisper addictive melodies. There is an innocence to the album, with tracks like 'Feel The Same' that seep with melancholy vocals and a soft inviting atmosphere. Pop Punk vibes ring through, the single 'Soften Up' and 'I hope You're Ok'. Using playalong chord structures and a comforting rhythm the songs travel purposefully around you leading you to the beautiful 'Souvenir'. The soft vocals of lead singer, Jeffrey Mudgett, echo through the track with masterful sincerity to when that crescendo kicks in leaving you tranquil to the core. Angsty vocals and a darker feel ring true in 'No Cure'. Delayed distorted guitars create an involving athemic three minutes that offer variety and a gloriously gloomy end. Simple but epic backlines accompany 'Fading' and 'Casual Mistakes'. Again the use of delayed soaring guitars fit perfectly under the calm to coarse vocal hooks that enrich the album. Having been signed to Rude Records, Mudgett explains that the record, 'includes wrestling with anxiety and low self worth, losing band members, friends ending, the falling of an influential musician etc'. 'You cant please everyone' and 'Better now' reflect this notion with the familiarity of the structure presented throughout the album utilizing their know how and passion. Still engaging and representative of what Sunsleeper are trying to get across, you fall into the last track, 'Home'. Delicate and a bit of Pop Punk thrown in, your end to the album is where it starts, relying on that soulful unsullied voice and casual instruments, structures a story that you cant help but want to be a part of. Is the record perfect? No, but that really doesn't matter as 'You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back' was exactly the mood and state the band were in at the time. It's about making music you can't help but make as that's your heart on the front line. Released via Rude Records the album is available now and be assured it's a fine effort by the five piece. Expect to see more of them in the near future.

Review - Olly Dean

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