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Glass Mountain Release New Single 'Autumn Jam'

Bradford based four-piece Glass Mountain have released their new single, 'Autumn Jam', released through new Bradford label The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear.

The band, whose name is taken from a David Hockney artwork, are back with their first release of 2019 after last year’s 'Wow & Flutter' EP and the lead single 'Gin Flows Through My Veins'. The new single is a song about the sheer joy and the whole-hearted fear of love, which is eerily beautiful in both its poetic lyrics and its cinematic sound. With enchanting vocals, intricate arrangements and layered melodies, the single is an atmospheric alt-rock track that builds in intensity before mellowing out to a calming finale.

Vocalist Harry Hanson said: “'Autumn Jam' is about those feelings you get when you’re becoming involved with someone new. When two people hit it off, it can cause a ‘nothing else matters’ mindset, but it can also introduce a fear that the new person in your life could get bored of you”.

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