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Remo Drive – 'Ordinary, Everyday Degradation' Album Review


1. Two Bux

2. The Grind

3. The Devil

4. Shakin'

5. Dog

6. Seperate Beds

7. Ezra And Marla

8. Halos

9. Around The Sun

10. Mirror

11. The Truth

Listening to this band reminds me of bands like The Killers but with a different vocal approach, I couldn’t get into it the first few times I listened to it, but I went away, gave it some time and realised this is actually a really good album by a band who have a knack for a decent riff.

I spent most of the album trying to remember who the vocalist reminds me of without ever working it out.

His voice is slightly different for this kind of music and I think that’s why I initially struggled to get into this album but it’s really worth preserving with, once you do you begin to appreciate how it all fits together and works incredibly well.

This is a band who know how to write a great Pop/Rock song, give it time and you’ll find yourself being dragged into it and not able to stop listening.

I think for me the vocal sounds more like a Pop vocal and it occasionally jars against what is essentially a Rock album with an American influence but it works, I don’t know why, it just does!

Best song? I wouldn’t presume to tell you as you really need to listen for yourself but you might want to listen to 'Separate Beds' or 'The Devil'.

Review - Iain McClay

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