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Inglorious - Rock City, Nottingham 03.02.2019

The last time I saw Inglorious was around a year ago when they were a supporting band. Tonight however they are top of the pile as the main act. The crowd queuing up outside waiting to get in was respectable so the evening promised to be a good one.

However before we get to the main event there are a couple of other bands on the bill.

First up were the 5 piece band Blind River. They took to the stage saying they were going to play an acoustic set and well that puts images in your head of them all sitting around playing on barstools etc. Oh my!! That couldn’t be further from the truth with these guys. The set was brilliant. Energetic and everyone on stage playing like they were doing full electric and there was no holding back. The energy transferred from the stage to the crowd and they were thoroughly enjoying the spectacle on stage. On top of this the songs came across really well and are a mix of bluesy based Rock with plenty of punch too them. I for one will be checking them out. I’ve never seen an acoustic set performed like that and it made a refreshing change to see it done that way. I’ll hopefully get chance to catch them doing a full electric show sometime. If these guys are near you go check them out.

Next up for their half hour set were London based City Of Thieves. Well, what can I say. These three can put on a show and they have some classic Rock riffs and catchy hooks complemented by pounding drums and a bass sound to match. Guessing from the reaction from the crowd I wasn’t the only one that thoroughly enjoyed their set. These are certainly one to watch out for and go and see them if they are anywhere near you. What’s not to like. Well done guys.

So on to Inglorious. A lot has happened to the band in the last twelve months a new album ‘Ride To Nowhere’ and new members. I was keen to see how the crowd reacted to the new line up.

The band now made up of Nathan James on vocals, Phil Beaver (drums), Danny Dela Cruz (lead guitar), Dan Stevens (rhythm guitar) and Vinnie Colla (bass), took to the stage and opened with a brilliant rendition of ‘Where Are You Now’. Such a great song and a perfect opening to the evening. The set continues and the reaction from the crowd is great. Singing along and applauding each song. The new members look comfortable and are really tight as a unit. Danny Dela Cruz is a revelation. Only nineteen and full of talent and a genuine showman, make no mistake he can play.

A few songs in and the set is slowed down and Phil comes from behind the kit and joins the rest of the band on stage where he plays a 12 string acoustic guitar for ‘Glory Days’. Nathan steps up and his vocals have the whole crowd hypnotised. Wow what a performance. The song finishes and the applause was thunderous.

Not to be out done by hotshot Mr Cruz, Dan Stevens also showed he is capable of taking on his fair share of the lead duties throughout the evening with equally impressive playing and was also pleasing to see him take to the front of the stage with Vinnie. Giving them the chance to shine in front of the fans.

The set continues with ‘Warning’, ‘Making Me Pay’, ‘Freak show’ and ‘Breakaway’ before slowing it down again to do a cover of Alanis Morissette’s - ‘Uninvited’. Again what a superb vocal performance from Nathan and the transition from soft to heavier sections was immense and performed brilliantly by everyone especially Phil, the drums were so damn powerful and the song had a real atmosphere throughout. Good work guys.

Step up Danny Dela Cruz. Front and centre with his guitar perched on his thigh pointing skywards. We were treated to a short solo which was delivered again as all night with sheer precision and skill. Shouts from the crowd encouraging Danny as he started must have been music to his ears. This is his local crowd and there were a lot of friends and family there to see him living his dream. He delivered in spades and a cheeky message in tape on the back of his guitar saying ‘Don't underestimate me’ was shown to the crowd as he walked away to resume his position at the side of the stage. Nicely done Danny.

The set continues and we are then treated to a guest appearance from Heather Leoni. The pair did an amazing version of ‘I Don’t Know You’. The chemistry between Nathan and Heather was great to see and to witness two vocal performances like that was special.

‘Holy Water’ started and when the vocals began Nathan was nowhere to be seen on stage. Then the reason became clear he had entered via the doors at the back of the room and was walking through the crowd. The fans mobile phones came out giving them chance to record a video or snap a photo as he made his meandering way to the stage to complete that song and the final one of the night ‘Until I Die’

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable night. I’m not sure if it’s me but seeing them this time around I feel the sound is more full and heavier than compared to a year ago. Vocally you really can’t fault Nathan, what a voice. The new line up seems to have a chemistry to it and that will hopefully carry on building and then the true test will come when they release new material.

Just for the record I didn’t hear one negative comment as I walked around afterwards and back to my car. So if you are a fan and was wondering if it is worth going to see them since the line up change. Then I would say go you wont be disappointed.

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