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Bexley - 'Lost In The Moment' EP Review


1. Run Rabbit Run

2. Toxic Love

3. Falling To Pieces

4. Sometimes

5. Deal

Someone out there might remember that I reviewed ‘Run Rabbit Run’ favorably a couple months ago as part of one of my singles round ups. We finally have her debut EP to digest, and it has been worth the wait. Bexley creates some Alternative Rock that packs some aggression, melody, rage, and plenty of hooks.

‘Run Rabbit Run’ still reminds me of a glorious mix of Garbage and ‘Portrait Of An American Family’ era Marilyn Manson style production. It works very well together as Bexley’s vocals fit perfectly with this music. ‘Toxic Love’ slows the pace a touch and again scratches that early Marilyn Manson itch in terms of its vibe and feeling. There is a slicing guitar in the mix here that works great in the chorus and creates a musical hook to go with Bexley’s strong vocal hook. The lyrical content is dark and haunting which adds even more power to the music.

‘Falling To Pieces’ continues to hit the right buttons as Bexley sings all the right notes in a welcoming manner before letting us know that everything is falling to pieces in a chorus that actually leads me back to the old NY Loose songs on ‘Year Of The Rat’ that were more based in the Alt Rock of the 90’s. About midway through, Bexley lets loose some great quasi screaming vocals that are mixed into the music so that it sounds like she is deep within a mine trying to make it back out to the outside world.

Next up we have ‘Sometimes’ which starts a little in the shadow of ‘Falling To Pieces.’ Repeated listens though show that this would actually be an awesome single. The drums and bass heavy verses feature Bexley almost singing in a spoken word before the chorus explodes in a blur of killer hooks. This has actually become my favorite from the EP now. Closer ‘Deal’ again mines the 90’s Alt Rock sound very effectively with some touches of Dark Grunge a la Alice in Chains. At just under three minutes, this one closes the door with another hook filled chorus and haunting guitar line.

Bexley makes a very positive impact with this initial EP and sets the stage for whatever she does next. She has elements that will appeal to the mainstream, but this is an artist that also appeals to those of us that want emotional depth in our music. Bexley packs her heart into these songs, and we are all better for it.

‘Lost in the Moment’ is released January 18, 2019.

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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