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Four Stroke Baron Release Video For New Single 'Planet Silver Screen'

Four Stroke Baron have signed to legendary metal label Prosthetic Records, and have revealed a video for 'Planet Silver Screen' - the first cut and title track from their forthcoming album, due 9th November. Guitarist and vocalist Kirk Witt states, “We wanted to come out of the gate with as much energy as possible, and we think 'Planet Silver Screen' does exactly that. It showcases all of our strengths--the heavier side, the catchy side, and the technical side. We like to make something abstract that you can still sing along to - there's a lot of joy in pushing the edge of what someone is used to hearing, and this song does an awesome job of seeming familiar while also doing something entirely different”

Teaming up with animator Thomas Yagodinski, who landed under the band’s radar following his animation for Mastodon’s Bedazzled Fingernails, the band perform as alien caricatures. “Unfortunately none of us in the band are visual artists, so our stomachs dropped at the prospect of what we'd do for a music video”, explains Kirk, “I had seen a fan-made stop motion video that Thomas had made for Mastodon years ago, so we decided to shoot him an email with links to our music. As luck would have it, Thomas ended up being a big fan of our tunes. We gave him a rundown of the story behind the song, and he instantly came back with a super creative idea to have us playing as a bar band on a cyber-alien planet. He's a true creative that absorbs himself in his work, and it absolutely shows. We couldn't be happier working with him, and his creative ethos really matches our own--he's just a fan of the art and story”

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