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In The Cards - 'Eyes Beyond Reflection' EP Review


1. Mazes

2. Beautiful Silence

3. The Only Thing

4. Careful Eyes

5. Hollow Hearts

In The Cards are releasing their new EP “Eyes Beyond Reflection” on 22nd June, the result of “carefully building and crafting their own sound”. The band hail from Stoke on Trent and comprise Amy Colclough on vocals, Danny Jones on guitar/vocals, Connor Chambers on Drums and Nathan Petherick on bass. The EP has 5 tracks – “Mazes”, “Beautiful Silence”, “The Only Thing”, “Careful Eyes” and “Hollow Hearts”. So that’s the pleasantries over and done with, what’s it like then? Well, for me…it’s one of those EPs where it just leaves you a little underwhelmed.

There’s no doubt they’re good musicians but it just doesn’t inspire you…it all sounds a bit muddled and lacking an identity. The press release talks about how their sound is a mix of individual tastes and, perhaps, therein lies the problem – it’s like a certain nations footballing team, where a collection of individual talents just can’t work cohesively. The result of this melting pot of tastes makes it feel almost like music by numbers…a little of that, then some of this and then a sprinkle of the other and then we have a unique sound.

Well, yes you do…but it’s not a good unique.

I’m not suggesting for a minute they’ve been cynical and tried to mix in a variety of styles to broaden their appeal and I’m actually quite disappointed that it makes me think of music by numbers. I’m a big fan of bands mixing things up, mellow little bits that segue into heaviness that kind of thing, but at the end of the day there has to be a consistency in the feel of the band and there just isn’t here. I’m on my fifth listen and even though I know the songs, they’re still feeling jarred and even a man with less musicality than algae knows that’s not good.

I’m afraid that In The Cards won’t be finding a place in my playlist.

Review - Chris Watson

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