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Team 3 Songs & Out Have Their Say On: Download Festival 2018's Must See Acts

Download Festival 2018 is only a few days away so we thought over here at 3 Songs & Out it would be a good idea to put together just a few of the bands we think you should check out over the course of the festival. We are a bit of a motley crew with varied tastes so genre wise this list is all over the place and ultimately just the varied opinions of a few. When it is all said and done, we at team 3 Songs hope you all enjoy your Download experience.

A - Catch them on the Avalanche Stage on Sunday June 10th (5.50pm - 6.30pm)

A are back and bouncing around like it's fifteen years ago. Their set will be chock full of bouncy, Pop Rock songs that will get you going. - Scott Hamilton (Reviewer)

Just looked at the line up poster. Not much I know, or generally been too fussed by. However, I'd always go and watch A for the pure late 90s British Pop Punk classics - Oli Williams (Reviewer)

Bad Religion - Catch them on the Avalanche Stage on Friday June 8th (7.50pm - 8.50pm)

Punk stalwarts Bad Religion are playing a headline set. For nearly forty years these guys have helped define what we've come to expect from the American Punk scene now with many bands citing them as a major influence. - Scott Hamilton (Reviewer)

In This Moment - Catch them on the Main Stage on Sunday June 10th (2.25pm - 3.10pm)

A visual treat from start to end and with Maria's vocals ranging from screaming harlot to sweet angel, In This Moment are guaranteed to light the main stage up. - Sean Friswell (Editor)

SHVPES - Catch them on The Dogtooth Stage on Saturday June 9th (3.10pm - 3.35pm)

If I was going I'd definitely check out SHVPES, I'm a huge fan of their first album and they've said they're going to be playing some of the new stuff from their upcoming EP at Camden Rocks so surely will be doing the same for Download! - Sam Robinson (Photographer)

Marmozets - Catch them on the Main Stage on Friday June 8th (4.05pm - 4.50pm)

I’d definitely recommend catching Marmozets. I’ve not managed to see them live yet, but their latest album was one of the best I’d heard in a long time! If the full on recorded music can translate well to live performances it should be a good one! - Paul Lyme (Photographer)

I have seen the Marmozets a few times and they grow better each time, a very exciting live band. - Bill Adamson (Reviewer)

Marmozets are awesome live, I've been lucky enough to shoot them a couple of times. Very lively. - Ian Percival (Photographer)

DREAM STATE - Catch them on the Avalanche Stage on Sunday June 10th (11.00am - 11.25am)

So DREAM STATE really dislike being compared to other female-fronted bands but I really think they're they're going to fill the gap that Paramore left when they moved towards more pop music. The EP they released a couple of weeks ago is so powerful and they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen. - Aaron Watts (Reviewer)

Would second this! - Sam Robinson (Photographer)

DREAM STATE are amazing! - Eleanor Sutcliffe (Photographer)

Bullet For My Valentine - Catch them on the Main Stage Friday June 8th (6.50pm - 8.00pm)

These guys have been headline material for god knows how many years now and whilst they still haven't been given that opportunity it is great to see them so high up on this years bill. Prepare for a blinding set! - Sean Friswell (Editor)

Jamie Lenman - Catch him on the The Avalanche Stage on Sunday June 10th (4.50pm - 5.20pm)

Jamie Lenman because Reuben...

Mr Lenman has always been pretty accessible and a thoroughly nice chap. Be sure to check him out, it will surprise you. Awesome live. - Ian Percival (Photographer)

Greta Van Fleet - Catch them on the Zippo Encore Stage on Sunday June 10th (11.45am - 12.10pm)

Greta Van Fleet as they are a young band who encapsulatethe spirit of Led Zeppelin. - Tony Creek (Reviewer)

Massive Wagons - Catch them on The Dogtooth Stage on Saturday June 9th (4.00pm - 4.25pm)

Massive Wagons, definitely! They're an amazing band, and so entertaining live! - Vikki Holding (Reviewer)

Massive Wagons are gaining momentum and will be interesting to see how they do at Download. Hopefully they'll smash it and go on from there - Dave Shipley (Photographer)

Volbeat - Catch them on the Main Stage on Saturday June 8th (5.20pm - 6.20pm)

One of my Danish colleagues got me to listen to Volbeat a few weeks ago and they are hard, heavy and excellent. - Bill Adamson (Reviewer)

I'd definitely second seeing Volbeat, they're so good live. - Vikki Holding (Reviewer)

The Faim - Catch them on the Avalanche Stage on Saturday June 9th (1.50pm - 2.20pm)

The Faim are from Australia, been together less than a year, although that doesn't show, and they have power to the max! They were the first on supporting Lower Than Atlantis at Fibbers. I think they are playing Reading/ Leeds too! - Bill Adamson (Reviewer)

Culture Abuse - Catch them on the Zippo Encore Stage on Friday June 8th (1.00pm - 1.25pm)

I’m going with Culture Abuse - their debut album 'Peach' from 2016 was a huge hit - it took the band onto supporting Green Day and playing Reading and Leeds Festival last year. They have been described as Nirvana meets The Clash meets The Ramones, their Punk vibes and pure Grunge melts together in perfection. 2018 looks like a busy year for them as well with their second album 'Bay Dream' dropping on June 15th. - Jake Williams (Reviewer)

WSTR - Catch them on the Avalanche Stage on Saturday June 9th (12.50pm - 1.20pm)

Try and catch WSTR as they may tease some new material which sounds immense. - Eleanor Sutcliffe (Photographer)

Corrosion Of Conformity - Catch them on the Zippo Encore Stage on Saturday June 9th (1.15pm - 1.40pm)

The band that I would love to see on that bill is Corrosion Of Conformity, their latest album is a return to the stuff they did in the 90's with Pepper Keenan back in the band, Southern Sludge Boogie Metal. - Mike McLaughlin (Reviewer)

TesseracT - Catch them on The Dogtooth Stage on Friday June 8th (9.25pm - 10.05pm)

TesseracT's new record is great so they would be well worth a look! - Mike McLaughlin (Reviewer)

Cradle Of Filth - Catch them on the Main Stage on Sunday June 10th (12.00pm - 12.40pm)

Cradle Of Filth just because they are quite visual, See if you can out stare Mr Shaw on guitar I'm sure he looks into your soul. - Dave Shipley (Photographer)

Sleep Token - Catch them on the The Dogtooth Stage on Saturday June 9th (2.20pm - 2.45pm)

Sleep Token...I’d love to see how they’ve made their “cult” thing work in a live situation. - Chris Watson (Reviewer)


Just go watch the NXT shows.... I know it's not music but goddamm the guys there are talented. - Oli Williams (Reviewer)

I agree with Oli. Go catch an NXT show while you're there! - Scott Hamilton (Reviewer)

Also agree with this! I saw a few last year in between bands and it was so good. - Jessie Jones (Photographer)

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