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Steel Panther - Rock City, Nottingham 23.01.2018

How good was it to dust down the camera and hit the first gig of 2018.

Kicking the night of were Wayward Sons and what a reception they got when taking to the stage. The chanting from the crowd started before the first song even began, shows how respected and loved Toby Jepson is. The infectious brand of Hard Rock these guys bring had the crowd on board from the off. I've not heard much of their stuff before but I will certainly be checking them out as I was more than a little impressed. Overall an entertaining and solid performance all round with vocals on point, cutting guitars and an impressive rythmn section. The late arrivals to the venue missed a gem of an opening band. If you get chance go see these guys, go, you wont be disappointed. They have been confirmed at Download this year so if you're going give them a look.

The second band of the night was Inglorious, another band I've only heard a small amount from. Again the response from the crowd was great as they took to the stage. The crowd singing along to the set proved that I was well out of the loop regarding these guys. Nathan James has an outstanding voice, backed up by the rest of the band playing to an equally high standard. The annoncement that they are also appearing at this years Download festival on the main stage was greeted with a massive roar from the expanding crowd as the venue reached capacity.

On to the main event. Firstly, I've never seen the stage at Rock City so uncluttered.

As Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadina took to the stage a Sold out Rock City went wild. Steel Panther I know can be a marmite band but whichever side you are on you have to admit they dont give a damn. In a world of political correctness these guys are all about having a laugh and not taking things too seriously This was on display all night but more so after the first two songs where they slowed it down and traded insults pretty much for ten minutes which had the whole crowd laughing along. However they are more than that , these guys can play and know how to put on a show incorporating all of these elements, which is why they go down so well. Satchel's guitar solo with drumming playing some of the most recognised guitar Rock riffs had the crowd enthralled. The capacity crowd sing alongs were awesome and the introduction of Jamie Fowkes from the tribute band Surreal Panther to help sing 'That's When You Came In' just added to the set. Stix took up the keyboard at the front of the stage and gave a rendition of 'Weenie Ride' slowing it down for a few minutes which gave the crowd a great excuse to join in and sing their hearts out, not that they needed much encouraging. What followed was the stage invasion for '17 Girls In A Row' then 'Gloryhole' and with curfew quickly approaching 'Death To All But Metal'.

What a night. Three excellent bands, two of which I had limited or no experience of at all. That's why I love doing this. I get to find some real quality bands that I probably wouldnt have encountered otherwise. If this is how 2018 is going to be then bring it on I can't wait to get out again.

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