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The Starling Radicals - 'Promiseland Vol.1' EP Review


1. I'm With Her

2. You Make A Mess Of Me

3. The Scottish Play

4. Heart Of This City

When I read the press release for The Starling Radicals I must admit my heart sank, tales of fighting Morrissey and chasing James Dean Bradfield sounded gimmicky, look at us, we’re mad. Ooh we’ve had eight drummers since we started in 2013 made me imagine they would sound like a wannabe Oasis. At least it’s only an EP I thought, four songs and I’m done.

Thankfully I couldn’t have been more wrong about them as the opening number “I’m With Her” starts with a White Stripes like guitar, strong vocals and a tight sound shows a maturity that belies their age. The song has elements of their influences plus a few more they haven’t listed, I’m getting Nirvana, Manic Street Preachers, The Coral and a definite vintage feel. I like it, phew!

“You Make A Mess Of Me” is very much in the vein of Arctic Monkeys and would sit happily on any of their releases, the vocals on this track reminds me of The Stereophonics, back during their “Bartender And The thief” era, overall it’s a punchy little number.

“The Scottish Play” sees a change in style again, these songs sit well together but are different enough to keep the listener interested, foot tapping as we go. The musicianship glows from this track, the guitarist let loose for a couple of Guns 'N' Roses style solos. I mention all these artists not to put the band down, merely to show the diversity of their influences. The songs could have been written now right back to the 60’s, they feel timeless yet aged!

“Heart Of This City”, the last track slows it right down and shows another string to their bow. It’s the 'Wonderwall 'of the EP, but you know, good (I’m not really fussed on Oasis, does it show?) Once again it shows the bands maturity, they have clearly listened to some fantastic bands, I can hear The Who, The Faces, Free interwoven with more contemporary artists.

I now find that four songs isn’t enough, I want to know more about these three lads from South Wales. I am going to buy their other material, an EP and full length album, maybe that is the best way to describe The Starling Radicals? They leave you wanting more. It’s a good trick sadly few bands learn.

Nice one guys!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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