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Daisyhead Release Video For "Cute Little Finger" Ahead Of UK/EU Tour Dates

Emo Pop-Rockers Daisyhead have had a tough year. After numerous problems with their van caused them to cancel dates, they found themselves at home with no money and no way to continue their dream. The band feared this may be the end of their life on the road – albeit for the immediate future -- but instead, they rose up. Working multiple jobs while recording an EP and planning a tour to Europe, Daisyhead have finally come out on the other side, and they're better for it. Daisyhead took that adversity and transformed it into "Cute Little Fingers," a track that ditches their last albums ultra-fuzzed out guitars in favor for polished Pop Rock influences like Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday. Still, the Tennessee-based outfit haven't lost any of their grit or emotion. The song tells a gripping, angst-filled tale about the way people can push you down without even a second thought. "Timing hardly ever fails to be the enemy. Overwhelmed with confusion and only recognizing the sense of rejection, a pattern of temporary stints of hope became more seen as delusions as these words were written," said singer Michael Roe. "'Cute Little Finger' brings to light what it's like to know that humans are able to destroy you without knowing they're doing so. How can you expect someone to know what they're doing to you when all they want is to get better themselves? Sometimes, when the timing is just off enough, a crash and burn outcome is inevitable."

Cute Little Fingers comes off Daisyhead's new two-song EP 'Purple & Blue' out on No Sleep Records. The EP is a culmination of everything the band faced in the last few months – from member changes to realizing their strength in writing new music. "Purple & Blue is more than just a two-song EP. It is an embodiment of what the band has become," said Roe. "Through countless member changes and songs having to be written without having a full unit, these two songs are the first to be written and released by the members that have earned their place in Daisyhead. Everything came quickly and naturally, and these songs are meant to show everyone what musical direction we are heading in."

To support their new release, Daisyhead are heading to the UK and Europe for the very first time with Sibling.

UK/Europe 16/11 Mannheim DE Forum 17/11 Freiburg DE KTS 18/11 Lucerne CH Treibhaus 20/11 Wroclaw POL Carpe Diem 23/11 Antwerp BEL Kavka 26/11 Glasgow UK Nice N Sleazy 27/11 Exeter UK Cavern 28/11 Manchester UK Star and Garter 29/11 Southampton UK Heartbreakers 30/11 Brighton UK Sticky Mikes 01/12 Kingston UK - Banquet Records (Matinee) 01/12 London UK Boston Music Room

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