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Poolside At The Flamingo Announce New EP + Release New Single 'Accabadora'

The world of extreme metal is about to be shaken to its core as Poolside At The Flamingo announces their new EP 'Accabadora', set for release on May 22nd, 2024 via Blood Blast Distribution.

The new EP stands as a bold statement from Poolside At The Flamingo, showcasing their growth as musicians and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of extreme music. With palpable pride in their upcoming work, the band continues,

"The Accabadora EP is the first release that we're truly proud of and feel embodies the sound that we're looking to achieve. The songs on this EP were written with more care and attention than any other album/ep we've released. To us, it's the perfect blend of erratic grindcore and soul-crushing breakdowns."

Accompanying the announcement is the release of the EP's title track, complete with a strikingly irreverent music video with some very special cameo appearances from the band members' kids.

The title track, "Accabadora" is a gloriously brutal slab of grindcore meets deathcore with a hint of death metal and thematically pays homage to Sardinian folklore figure, the Accabadora, also known as The Lady of Good Death, who would visit the homes of the elderly and infirm to put an end their suffering. Shedding light on the depth and intensity of the song, the Poolside At The Flamingo share

"This is the title song of the EP for a reason. It starts out fast and unpredictable but leads smoothly to pit-opening breakdowns. A hint of melody can MAYBE even be noticed in the final closing. This song is about the fabled 'Accabadora' who will come to end the life of those suffering in pain."


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