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Nonexister Release Video For New Single 'Where Does Your Mind Go'

Zürich-based band Nonexister have dropped their new single "Where Does Your Mind Go". The lyrics address interminable loneliness, isolation, and anxiety.

The track is taken from their upcoming album, 'Demons', set for release on March 15th. Since their first single "Your Pain Up My Veins", the band has consistently delivered captivating and cinematic videos - their latest output is no exception.

Singer Nik Leuthold comments,

“The video for ‘Where Does Your Mind Go’ is a radical, stunning piece of art by Elias Ressegatti, portraying the topic of the song perfectly: a woman underwater, literally running out of air. It was filmed in one take and is completely real. Since both her struggle to hold her breath and her suffering are real, we as spectators feel it ourselves almost physically, we’re with her. Luckily we knew the perfect actress for the role - Martina Momo Kunz who is also a free diver. It would have been impossible for someone without the right training to do the job.”

Director Elias Ressegatti adds,

"In this increasingly fast-paced world full of constant distractions, the video forces the viewer to experience the length of the song in an increasingly oppressive state - watching a young woman nearly drown herself during the four minutes of the song, almost in real time - without much to distract us visually.
It's a distillation of the essence of ‘Where Does Your Mind Go’, a multi-layered, visual composition, always in service of the song's lyrics. A quiet piece to meditate on, to contemplate, to take in in an ever-expanding world, built of layers of noise."

Actress Martina Momo Kunz comments on the song, the video, and her demanding role in it, saying,

"When Nik asked me to do the breath-hold, I was both excited and scared at the same time. Holding your breath in front of the camera and an entire team is a big challenge, as you have to put yourself in a calm, meditative state in order to counteract the fears that arise. "Where Does Your Mind Go" somehow describes the process exactly; first your thoughts become calm, you drift into a dreamland, into a fantasy world, like the reverberating guitar riffs, and when the chorus comes the fear rises and the battle between instinct and will begins. The battle with the edge, the lust for the edge, the lust for life and the lust for death."


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