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NOISE – 'Not Until Tomorrow Night' EP Review


1. Victor

2. One Year

3. Take Me (Back To)

4. One Day At A Time (Part 1)

5. Waltz

6. One Day At A Time (Part 2)

NOISE are a four piece from Dumbarton who have quietly been building a following including playing King Tuts, a right of passage for Scottish bands (and many non Scottish bands), Blur played there early in their career for instance. There is a very vibrant music scene on the west coast of Scotland just now and NOISE sit well within the indie rock genre but have clearly decided to push themselves with the new release.

The indie rock outfit release their new EP this coming 22 September and it’s great! It has a real introspective feel to it, its quieter than I expected but melodic with excellent lyrics and an, at times, almost singer songwriter vibe to it but always drenched in a fantastic indie sound, but what I really enjoyed about it is the willingness to calm it down, focus on the lyrics and the singing and make it about the songs.

There have been some tremendous Scottish bands over the years like Hipsway, Biffy and Belle and Sebastian and they’ve all had something in common, belief that they they know what they are doing, that a great song needs melody as well as excellent playing and that it’s not a crime to have a sing along chorus.

There are extracts from a Jimmy Stewart film which I know I know but I can’t quite place, hopefully it will make you as annoyed as it has me….if you know which film it is please comment and put me out of my misery!

There is what I can best describe as a mellow vibe throughout the EP, it’s a lush set of songs with no clear standout, they are all very good, they are all songs you feel wrapping themselves around you and they all make me want to hear more.

Review - Iain McClay


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