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Light The Torch - 'You Will Be The Death Of Me' Album Review


1. More Than Dreaming

2. Let Me Fall Apart

3. End Of The World

4. Wilting In The Light

5. Death Of Me

6. Living With A Ghost

7. Become the Martyr

8. Something Deep Inside

9. I Hate Myself

10. Denying The Sin

11. Come Back To The Quicksand

12. Sign Your Name

First things first, I’ve got to admit I was given this and I know nothing about the band, other than the singer is Howard Jones formally of Killswitch Engage.

The album opens interestingly enough for the first 10 seconds before it goes wrong. I’m not saying that 'More Than Dreaming' is an awful track, but sequencing can make or break an album and to me, this is not a great start as the opening track doesn’t grab me in anyway at all, in fact it’s pretty flat.

Howard’s vocals are as good as always (but then I’d expect nothing less). The second song 'Let Me Fall Apart' has some catchy hooks but after that, things start to feel pretty generic. There are glimpses of interesting instrumentation, but they are only for a few seconds at a time and are few and far between.

'Living With A Ghost' offered up something a little more heavy with some good dynamics. By the latter half of the album all the songs started to sound the same until the last track, 'Sign Your Name'. As I listened to this song, I thought I know this from somewhere and as the chorus came in I knew it was a cover of the Terence Trent D’Arby song. Light The Torch don’t do a bad cover of this and the song suits Howards vocals well.

I don’t want to totally slate 'You Will Be the Death Of Me' but I found it a frustrating album. It has the potential to be so much more, but somewhere along the line something got lost. I think my partner summed this up the best when I asked her what she thought? It’s non offensive back ground Metal music or in other words generic Metalcore and it could have been by any number of bands. She’s not sure if that’s a good or bad thing and to be totally honest with you, neither am I.


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