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Felicette – 'Go To Hell' EP Review


1.Small Man Big Ideas

2. Palpitations

3. Go To Hell

4. Helen

I honestly couldn’t have told you the name of the fret cat in space but this band are named after that cat, a bit of trivia to store up for a pub quiz I’m sure.

Felicette are clearly big fans of 90’s alt indie music and wear their influences quite obviously. That’s not a bad thing, they were many great alt indie bands in the 90’s, think The Throwing Muses, Breeders, Elastica etc and you will get a feel for what to expect from this EP,

As first releases go this is a really strong start, I don’t know who is the songwriter or songwriters in the band but they clearly have some issues they want to get out of their system, which they do really well with the support of a really tight band.

White male privilege, dealing with that someone who really hurt you and whether there is any advantage for you in telling them, anxiety for the future and the surprising end of a friendship are all all tackled head on with some excellent guitar driven, full on indie music.

I don’t think they have quite written their break out hit yet but you can hear it’s coming, the raw talent is there and the attitude shines through. This is the kind of debut EP which will really start to grow their fan base and bring them to the attention of a wider audience. It’s out on the 5th December, give it a listen, particularly if you loved the bands I mentioned above, you will really enjoy it and I could be wrong, some of these songs might just give them that first hit to get the momentum going!

Review - Iain McClay


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