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DON BROCO – 'Amazing Things' Album Review


1. Gumshield 2. Manchester Super Reds No. 1 Fan 3. Swimwear Season 4. Endorphins 5. One True Prince 6. Anaheim 7. Uber 8. How Are You Done with Existing? 9. Bruce Willis 10. Revenge Body 11. Bad 4 Ur Health 12. Easter Sunday

Where the hell did this come from? Clearly living in the arse end of Cornwall is getting to me as somehow, I have never heard of DON BROCO. Well, that’s clearly changed, as I was given a perfect one two combo with the opening tracks on 'Amazing Things' (a rather appropriate title).

I don’t even know how to describe DON BROCO other than they fuse a whole world of styles together whilst making it all sound coherent and hook laden. They switch effortlessly between Hardcore riffs, 80’s Pop sensibilities and a hell of a lot more. Sure, you could rattle off a bunch of names that they sound similar too but it’s only for a song and then they morph into something different.

A lot of albums either follow a pattern (concept) or are just a bunch of similar sounding songs bunched together but DON BROCO have made the type of album I’ve been wanting to hear for ages, 'Amazing Things' is like a mix tape of some of your favourite songs by different bands only it's DON BROCO doing every song. Credit due to the guys for doing a hugely varied album that touches on so many bases. The terms ground-breaking and inventive get thrown around way too often for music that really isn’t yet, when it comes to DON BROCO then both describe them perfectly.

Instead of reading this review do yourself a favour and just go stream the album.

To quote the album title I think it's safe to say DON BROCO are heading for 'Amazing Things'.

Stand out tracks : Gum Shield, Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan, Endorphins, Bruce Willis

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Review - Aleutia Shannon


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