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Ashrr - 'Dark Eyes' Single Review

Approximately 3 seconds into Dark Eyes I’m hearing Nick Cave, Morrissey, Scott Walker, Divine Comedy and Fields of Nephilm. It’s a spacey slow burner with a gorgeous hook to it. It’s a thing of beauty to be sure, this is my first brush with Ashrr and I can guarantee you it will not be my last. It has everything without throwing it all at you, like a subtle brick.

Oh my days, on my second listen you can add The Cure to the mix; 'Dark Eyes' just gets better every listen. I’m genuinely impressed with the majesty of this track; it wraps itself around your heart and gives you a gentle hug. So, is it any good? Ha, you bet, it’s gorgeous. Buy it and let’s get them as household names, they deserve it. 'Dark Eyes' by Ashrr gets five stars from me (might just have another listen though, just to make sure.)

Review - Andrew Forcer


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