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As December Falls - 'Join The Club' Album Review


1. Join The Club

2. Honey

3. Carousel

4. Mayday

5. Go Away

6. I Can't Sleep

7. Little By Little

8. Home

9. Alive

10. Leave

Is there anyone who is really into music who doesn’t know about As December Falls? If you don’t, where have you been? A band who were told by various people in the industry that they had nothing special, they were too like other bands, there was nothing unique about them etc etc.

As a result they decided to do it all themselves, they are a one band music industry, they do everything and they do it incredibly well. Their recent tours have been almost sold out (some venues were) they have just played Download and later this year they are embarking on a tour of bigger venues (having just toured Europe).

For a band who seemingly had nothing going for them according to those who claim to know what they are talking about, getting to their third album feels like a milestone. 'Join The Club' is chart eligible, it will be interesting to see how it does.

I am a big fan of their last album, it was one of those albums you come across unexpectedly and then can’t stop playing. It was a truly enjoyable surprise just how good it was, how much talent they clearly have and how much attitude they have, but in a good way.

So what’s the new album like? Well it’s heavier, it’s got even more attitude and yet it’s also got better songs, the band have crafted something that, whisper it, might just propel them up the charts. They still play something like Pop Punk but it’s definitely harder, definitely heading towards being rockier but also shows how in command of their craft they are, they are on top of it with this album.

What’s pleasing is it’s not just Rock though, they are able to dial it down, to use silence as much as noise, to speed it up and slow it down, to show their softer side but also to Rock out as well as any as any band currently in the UK.

I haven’t enjoyed a new album so much in a long time, this is quite simply a great record, go buy it, listen to it, then buy tickets for their tour and join the movement, this is one band who are doing it incredibly well. They are just going to get better and better.

Review - Iain McClay


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