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Paradise Lost - 'Obsidian' Album Review


1. Darker Thoughts 2. Fall From Grace 3. Ghosts 4. The Devil Embraced 5. Forsaken 6. Serenity 7. Ending Days 8. Hope Dies Young 9. Ravenghast

Imagine if Rammstein and Evanescence had a baby and it grew up listening to The Sisters of Mercy. Right, now you are somewhere close to how Paradise Lost sounds. Close, but not there, you need to listen to them yourself for the total pleasure.

'Obsidian' starts dark and menacing, reminds me of the film “The Crow”. It’s a sweeping behemoth of a track, setting Paradise Lost apart from the herd. Gentle when it needs to be, almost schizophrenic in its complexity.

At times full on Rammstein but with a Gothic twist it’s by no means a one trick pony. I was not aware of Paradise Lost before I was given 'Obsidian' to review and I am shocked to hear that this is their 16th release. How many bands can still sound so fresh that far into their career? I had pegged it as maybe second or third album tops.

I want to keep this review short and simple, I don’t think I can do 'Obsidian' enough justice blathering on about it, it speaks for itself in my opinion.

'Obsidian' by Paradise Lost gets a well deserved 5 stars.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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