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False Hearts – 'Remedy' EP Review


1. Remedy

2. Misery Loves Company

3. Breathe Again

4. Enough is Enough

I do enjoy being sent an EP to review that is from a relatively unknown band, as approaching new music with no idea of what is coming and no preconceived judgement is a rarity in this day and age, so I put on my biggest, chunkiest pair of headphones and looked forward to discovering something new and (hopefully) brilliant.

How glad am I that I did! This EP is definitely my kind of thing, female-fronted Hard Rock with a driving beat and full of musically interesting songs, always evolving rather than staying the same throughout their runtime.

As there are only four tracks, let’s approach them one by one, shall we?

“Remedy” – The title track, this is an easily accessible Rock song with a simple but well crafted riff powering you through its perfectly formed three and a half minute runtime. Easily singable and endlessly energetic, I can see why it was picked as the opener, and I think I would have done exactly the same in their place.

“Misery Loves Company” – A slightly slower track, again built around a fun riff, this song is less of a traditional chart-topping Rock song (back when Rock songs used to be chart toppers), but I think I prefer it over the first track if I’m honest. There’s a real sense of atmosphere here and the chorus is absolutely perfect for headbanging.

“Breathe Again” – With a Keyboard-led opening, this is the slow track on the EP, which is often a cause for concern in my opinion. It’s a tough needle to thread writing a ballad for a Hard Rock band, as you need to make sure it sits comfortably among the tracks surrounding it as you don’t want the momentum of the EP to grind to a halt. Luckily this is not a bad effort – probably my least favourite track on the EP itself, but it’s not something that I’d avoid listening to!

“Enough Is Enough” – We’re back to songs that open with a nice chunky riff here, and this one grabs me from the beginning. Evoking a real Halestorm-esque feeling, this track powers you through and feels like it’s over far too quickly, but in the best way.

So on the whole (as you can probably tell), I really liked this EP. The production value is superb, the musicianship is excellent and the singer’s voice is astounding. The band also seem to have a very solid approach to song writing, always evolving the parts through a song, so that every verse and every chorus feels a little bit different. Definitely a band I’ll be keeping an eye on in years to come.

Review - Michael Braunton

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