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Red Method Release Video For New Single 'Ideology Of The Sick'

Red Method have unveiled their brand new video that brings the classic sentiment of "don't drink the Kool-Aid" to new heights! Directed by Richard Oakes and Adam Leader from Dark Fable Music. The band had the following to say about the brilliantly sick video: "'Ideology Of The Sick' is a song that’s aimed towards those that blindly follow creeds and cults without question and are willing to persecute those who don’t believe in the same thing" says Jeremy Gomez. "This is something that still happens in many parts of the world and even on our own doorsteps. The world needs to wake up to this madness and think about their actions and how they affect others."

Quinton Lucion – (Guitarist) adds:

"We developed the concept of this video in line with what this means to us but we also wanted to create and push the boundaries beyond anything we had done before. Our brothers in Dark Fable Media had helped us to realise this vision and what you see is a dark and twisted interpretation of how you can spread propaganda for your own gain. You don’t have to look very far - go on the internet - fake news is everywhere."

Alex Avdis (Keyboards / Electronics) adds:

“Yeah man, but I have to say... this is the funnest videoclip or anything I’ve ever been part of filming in my life! What an extraordinary couple of days that was... we put the word out that we needed extras for our new video and the people that are in to our music came out and just made it happen! I look forward to filming a lot these days - seems like a little family reunion. I get to see Rich and Adam (director and director of photography from Dark Fable Media) and we have fun. I think we did something very special here and I for one can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

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