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Millie Blooms - 'EP1' EP Review


1. Bounce Ya Necks

2. X

3. Me, Myself, & I

4. Faint Of Heart

Perhaps, I should begin with a disclaimer that I do not listen to much Hip Hop. There are artists I enjoy and songs here and there that connect with me. It speaks well for Millie Blooms that I was immediately motivated to spread the word about these 4 songs. This is completely Blooms’ show as she handles every aspect of this release. Some may recognize Blooms from her previous work with the awesome Digital Criminals. This really showcases a different side from her, but there were hints of this if you review the DC back catalog.

‘Bounce Ya Necks’ gets things started with a cool beat and finds Millie rapping for women’s equality. The use of the xylophone to give the song added texture is an awesome touch. There is an intensity that builds over the course of the song as well that fits the theme perfectly. Follow up song ‘X’ contains a great rhythmic vocal that contains some nice dynamic range in the song too. The musical touches in the back add a nice touch to the song and the slight nod to the old Ghostbusters theme song is subtle and well placed. There are times here where I am reminded of missed rockers XC-NN for anyone old enough to remember them.

‘Me, Myself, & I’ opens with some layered vocals as Blooms addresses all the ways women have been told to change their physical appearance by society. The verses slice deep into the issues we face as a society. The beat works perfectly for my tastes. Finally, ‘Faint Of Heart’ brings back the xylophone and some perfectly layered vocals to provide a huge hook to the song right out of the gate. This song showcases several different vocals from Bloom within the same song as she mixes her delivery within the song.

If you asked me to tell you what my favorite of these four songs is, I would not be able to answer the question. Each of these songs has got under my skin in a very good way. There are plenty of hooks. The xylophone really adds a different feel to the songs as well. Blooms showcases that she can Rap as well as Rock. Check out these songs now and ‘bounce ya necks.’

‘EP1’ is coming very soon.

Gerald Stansbury

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