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Unturned - 'Not Quite Acoustic!' EP Review


1. Ultraviolet

2. Swimming (Revisited)

3. Vertigo (Revisited)

“Not Quite Acoustic!” is the new EP from Minneapolitans Parker, Will, Isaac, James and Sam, collectively known as Unturned. The EP is made up of 3 tracks, of which only one, “Ultraviolet”, is new; the other 2 (“Swimming” and “Vertigo”) are enigmatically suffixed ‘Revisited’…which I never really understand but am guessing, given the EP’s title, in this case means they’ve been somewhat pared down to give a “fresh” interpretation. Anyway, a 3 track EP it is, so let’s see what we shall see…

Upon first listen, there’s a familiarity to Unturned…the vocals have that sound that seem to be de rigueur in American Emo bands. There’s no biog with this, so a little delving into t’internet reveals the reason for this. There feels like there may have been a bit of a checklist ticking off scenario going on here which, in addition to that distinct (sic) vocal sound, includes comedy music videos of the type inspired by the Beastie Boys and carried on by the likes of the Foo Fighters and Blink 182. And speaking of Poway’s finest, the chorus structure and pacing of “Ultraviolet” is mightily close to that of “I Miss You”…so much so that I found myself singing the chorus to that right after I’d finished listening to “Ultraviolet”. The familiarity continues, with what I like to call ‘Emo Bingo’ – pick a list of stereotypical Emo themes and phrases, and they’re all scattered throughout the EP:

Loneliness – check,

Lack of confidence – check,

Losing your way – check,

Self blame – check,

Broken teeth from chewing through bones – HOUS…hang on, that’s a new one on me, not even Morrissey had that in his locker.

Joking aside, you get what I mean?

I don’t want to be totally disparaging about “Not Quite Acoustic!” because, actually, I really liked it. Yes, its maybe a little too samey to leap out at you (and, incidentally, the prizes for Emo Bingo are rubbish), but it’s a decent set of songs, played extremely well. Further t’internet immersion reveals that the revisits have enhanced the originals, and made them feel somehow warmer and more welcoming to first time listeners and the production (especially on “Vertigo”) has a depth and lushness to it that I really like.

Review - Chris Watson

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