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Airbourne Release New Single 'Backseat Boogie'

Airbourne have released ‘Backseat Boogie’, the second single from their forthcoming studio album, 'Boneshaker'

Airbourne frontman, Joel O'Keeffe, divulges, "The riff, this is one of those ones where Cobb [producer] walked out and said ‘What are you playing there?’ and I was ‘ah, I'm just playing this riff, it's this riff I had in Australia, it's got a bit of a vibe, I'm not sure.’ He goes, ‘Aw man, we gotta do that one’ and he got behind the drums and picked up Ryan's drumsticks and said ‘oh man, how does he play with these things, these things are baseball bats,’ and it was just really funny, and Ryan jumped on the kit, and we tracked it right then and there. "

Ryan O'Keeffe adds, "It all happened really fast. The band's lucky to have had a lot of time rehearsing together and playing together but we tracked songs before we even thought we tracked them.

He'd say give it another go if you want, but the one you just did, and here's the first one you did, and that's the vibe."

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