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Vinnie Caruana - 'Aging Frontman' EP Review


1. Better

2. Alone

3. Dying in the Living Room

4. I Love You, Please Watch Over Us

5. Providence

6. Tex “The Rock” Johnson

'Aging Frontman' is the new EP from Vinnie Caruana, vocalist for Punk band The Movielife and lead singer/songwriter for Indie/Post Hardcore band I Am The Avalanche. Given those credentials, I sat down with some expectations thinking ‘this could be interesting’…

I was wrong! The EP has 6 tracks on it and weighs in at around 18 minutes…and 14 of those are pretty forgettable. Given the genres involved in his other day jobs, it’s a bit disappointing that the majority of the album (“Better”, “Alone”, “Dying In The Living Room” and “Providence”) is just MOR Rock. The other 4 minutes are made up of “I Love You, Please Watch Over Us” which is notable because it’s just a 1 minute, guitar led, instrumental (a mercy following the faux impassioned strained vocals that have gone before) and “Tex ‘The Rock’ Johnson” which is a cheery 3 minute ditty which is just the right side of quirky and a nice juxtaposition to the MORjority of the EP (see what I did there??)

I honestly don’t know if being a fan of the aforementioned bands will allow you to be more forgiving of this solo effort, but as a fresh listener it just doesn’t work for me.

Review - Chris Watson

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