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Fallow Land - 'Slow Down, Rockstar' Album Review


1. The Things You Say

2. The Self

3. The Time

4. The Body

5. The Eyes

6. The Dog Song

7. The Boredom

8. The Hope

The first track of this album, 'The Things You Say', didn’t grab me, it’s a decent enough song but there was nothing standing out for me. The vocals and the playing are good but didn’t hook me,

The second song, 'The Self', showed what this band are capable of, this is an incredibly well written song which kept me interested from the beginning to the end, the lyrics were intriguing, the vocals very good. My hopes for this album started to rise after hearing this.

Third track, 'The Time', continued the upwards trajectory, there is a really good songwriting going on here. I’m not sure who writes the songs or if it’s a joint effort but this is a band that can write some really involving and intriguing lyrics.

Fourth Track, 'The Body', doesn’t quite reach the heights of the previous two songs but there’s enough ambition and talent on show to have kept my interest. The song gets better as it goes on, lyrics like ‘I wish I could undress your influence’ show some real talent.

From this point I was convinced this is a band making some interesting quality music with a potentially great lyricist, I listened to the rest of the album with enjoyment.

My only compliant is the shortness of this album at only 8 songs but I suspect there was rigorous quality control being enforced.

Fallow Land are well worth a listen, give the songs a chance to creep into your mind, I suspect you will find they don’t leave very easily, some of the lyrics might just embed themselves in there.

Review - Iain McClay

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