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Eat Your Heart Out – 'Florescence' Album Review


1. Carousel

2. Spinning

3. Daydream

4. Heavy With Envy

5. Constellations

6. Closer To The Sun

7. Blinded

8. Same Stars

9. Nowhere

10. Pear Tree

11. Cold Hands

Listening to this album was my introduction to Eat Your Heart Out. At times they reminded me of their fellow aussies Stand Atlantic but with a slightly harder edge.

I loved it! My feet stated moving and my head started nodding from the first song and didn’t stop. I wanted to be in the middle of a crowd bouncing along and bawling the lyrics out.

Could Eat Your Heart out be the next act to break out from Australia? Absolutely yes, they have attitude, great songs and a feel of a great band in the making.

Do you like female fronted Rock with a Punk edge? Do you like guitars thrashed within an inch of their life? Do you like a driving baseline and drums? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then listen to this, you won’t regret it.

The first major test for Eat Your Heart Out will be where they take things from here. There have been a few bands who have produced great statements like this album, it’s what they do next I’m now really interested in. 'Pear Tree' is a hint of where they might go, it turns everything down but still hints at a great talent in the making.

Current single 'Carousel' is something you should in your playlist already, if you haven’t, why not? Now go get this album and enjoy, it’s out already and should be troubling Spotify right now!

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Review - Iain McClay

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